Ashvin Pandurangi

Ashvin Pandurangi graduated from George Mason School of Law in 2011 and began his own practice in 2014. He likes to live the relatively simple life without taking anything in it for granted. He knows how quickly and unexpectedly circumstances can change, which is a big reason why he chooses to help each and every client to the best of my ability, regardless of their past circumstances or decisions.

During his time in law school and over the past three years of practicing law, Ashvin has become well-versed in diverse practice areas such as consumer bankruptcy, debt settlement, debt collection defense, consumer protection, family law and criminal defense. His philosophy is that the practice of law should focus first and foremost on making the law more accessible and affordable to all, and he makes sure his clients can avoid unnecessary legal bureaucracy and associated expenses whenever possible.

In the little free time has gets when he’s not working hard for his clients, Ashvin likes to watch good movies, tv shows, sporting events, concerts and find new and interesting places to travel and unique cuisines to try. Ashvin enjoys sailing, fishing, playing basketball and exercising at the gym when gets the chance. He also likes to keep up to date on current news and legal developments through online articles and podcasts.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ashvin by phone or email for a free initial consultation about your legal issues.