Credit Repair

APLG Can Help You Evaluate And Clean Up Your Credit Report

Credit “repair” is a misleading term. Many companies out there promise to build up your credit score by getting rid of negative information or adding “positive” information. It is wise to be weary of these promises, because a) no one can get rid of negative information without a good reason and b) adding “positive” information usually means taking on more debt obligations which you may not be able to afford in the future. A temporary boost in your credit score may come at the expense of long-term financial damage.

Credit scores and reports are not only used by banks when considering to extend a loan, but also by potential employers, landlords, providers of government services, utilities, federal, state, and local licensing boards and a variety of others organizations. This is why it’s important to focus on the erroneous, outdated or misleading information on your credit report and use the proper legal channels to dispute this information. Through this process, you can force the credit reporting agencies to alert others to the dispute, investigate the disputed items and potentially remove them from your report.

APLG will be forthright with potential clients and let them know when they can probably handle a credit report issue without hiring an attorney. Everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit reports from the three major reporting agencies every year (Annual Credit Reports). APLG can get these reports for our clients, but we also need our clients to look over the reports themselves and tell us what items they believe are wrong or misleading. Then we will be able to better evaluate the reports and contact the necessary parties to challenge items and clean the reports up.

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