Mortgage Loan Modification

It can be daunting to deal with a large mortgage lender when you are struggling to make your monthly payments and protect your home from foreclosure. They may offer you “loss mitigation” options, but that is just the beginning. In these circumstances, it is important to consult with someone who is familiar with the modification process.

Most lenders will require an application to be submitted which details your financial situation and the reasons why you cannot stick with your current mortgage payments and terms of the loan (“harship letter”). They will also require you to submit documentation in support of your stated income and assets.

APLG has experience dealing with mortgage lenders and is able to make sure the lenders process your applications fairly and quickly. We will stay on top of your application and make sure the lenders receive all documentation that is required for them to make a decision.

We can represent our clients in mortgage loan modification for a reasonable flat fee, and we will continue to evaluate all other options for debt relief and home protection, including bankruptcy. If the loan modification process stalls or fails for any reason, we are willing to credit the fee you paid towards our fee for other debt relief services.